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I was totally going to post something substantive, but I forgot what it was, so I'll just update my calendar and be done with it. Anyone wanna give me a writing prompt?

  • Thursdays : A new Earthdawn Campaign run by Y.T.
  • March 21: Dental Checkup
  • March 21: Gaming at [ profile] albreda's
  • March 27-29: WPI Men's Glee Club Alumni Weekend
  • March 22: Shire of Quintavia Business Meeting
  • April 4: Carolingian Baronial Investiture
  • May 2: East Kingdom Crown Tournament
  • May 8,9,15,16: The Tempest
  • May 10: Mother's Day
  • May 17: Anniversary Dinner Party
  • July 24: Hobbit Party at Pennsic
  • July 24 - August 9: Pennsic XLIV
  • August 7: Performace of Merchant of Venice at Pennsic

  • April 11: Rage Across the Cape Werewolf LARP
  • June 13: Rage Across the Cape Werewolf LARP
  • June 20: St. Jean Baptiste Tourney & Feast
  • June 21: Father's Day
  • July 4: Burdick Family Reunion
  • July 9-12: Great Northeastern War
  • September 12: Rage Across the Cape Werewolf LARP
  • October 10: Rage Across the Cape Werewolf LARP
  • November 14: Rage Across the Cape Werewolf LARP
  • December 12: Rage Across the Cape Werewolf LARP

  • April 15-19: Known World Dance and Music Symposium XI
  • June 26-28: Known World Heralds and Scribes
  • September 26: Artifacts of a Life II
  • July 4, 2017: The Lights Go Down on Broadway
  • ???: Australia
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